An essay on examination malpractice

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Examination Malpractices | Essay Example

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Essay on examination malpractice in nigeria

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Impersonation is another popular form of examination malpractice used by students in external examination Examination outside normal school examination.

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Here, an examination candidate will be replaced by another person who is not supposed to take the examination. Another way through which examination malpractice is carried out by students, is bribery. Some students go to the extent of bribing exam invigilators with money, so that they can get answers to the examination questions.

Best Exam Malpractice Ever!

In Nigeria, one of the ways exam candidates engage in examination malpractice is by witting on their body parts. Having looked at the definition of examination malpractice and the different forms of examination malpractice in Nigeria, It is wise to discuss the various causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria today.

These causes will eventually be used to proffer solutions to the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria in this article. Bad home training is probably the major cause of examination malpractice in Nigeria today. Parents who fail to bring up their children the right way, end up contributing to the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria.

Remember the proverbial saying that charity begins at home. Indeed, it is evident that irresponsible parenthood is one of the most contributing causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria today.

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  6. There is no doubt that examination malpractice is a last resort to only students who did not prepare before taking their examinations. Apparently, students will seldom think of engaging in examination malpractice if they prepare properly for their examination.

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    Thus, it is right to say that poor preparation before examinations is also one of the most contribution causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria today. Obviously, this is very poor. It is the reason why many students engage in examination malpractice to pass the examination. Another reason for examination malpractice in Nigeria is the lack of an effective government agency to combat malpractice. This is where I personally blame the Nigerian government for examination malpractice.

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    Just as there is the EFCC Economic and Financial Crime Commission that fight against corruption in Nigeria, if the government establish a tentative agency to take down examination malpractice in every part of the country, then the problem of examination malpractice will not be that much today.

    This is why I stated before, that the government of Nigeria has not given a sour look to the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria.

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    3. What Causes Examination Malpractice??
    4. This form of examination malpractice is fostered by law salaries paid to teachers. Most times teachers do not like helping students to engage in examination malpractice. But because they will be paid heavily if they engage in the act, they are left with no choice than to do so. For this reason, the law salary and incentives given to teachers and invigilators, pushes them to help students in examination malpractice. The truth is that, nobody loves doing bad thing.

      But where it is the only option left to make more money most people are likely to do bad things. Greed has been one of the problems of Nigeria from the beginning.

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      In my own opinion, it is a personal problem that affects the whole society. Greed is indeed, one of the causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria. Though, it is true that many teachers will jettison examination malpractice if they are paid very well, that that may not stop greedy teachers and invigilators to engage in malpractice. Now that we have discussed some of the most contributing causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria, we will be looking at the possible effects of examination malpractice in Nigeria if the problem is not solved.

      Even at the time this article was written, Nigeria is already known as a country with bad education system to the outside world. One of the reasons for this is because of the high rate of examination malpractice that is fostered in our education system. It has gotten to the extent that no foreigner comes to Nigeria to study. This is as a result of the high rate of examination malpractice practiced in Nigeria.

      Examination malpractice will definitely lead to the dearth of professional in Nigeria, since almost every university graduate, graduated from school by engaging in examination malpractice.

      Thus there will seldom be graduates who are truly professionals in their field. Examination malpractice will indirectly increase death rate in the country, as there will lack of professionals in different fields of study. Take for instance, when a country like Nigeria lacks good medical doctors who can take good care of accident victims, what do you think will happen to those accident victims? They will either die or end up in a worst condition they should not have been, had a good doctors came to treat them.

      Another possible effect of examination malpractice in Nigeria is an increase in the rate of corruption. When student find it difficult to pass examinations the right way, they will also find it very difficult to lead other people the right way. Illegality will always play in their life. Even when they are asked to manage the affairs of small organizations, they will always act in a way that is not acceptable.

      Somehow, they will turn out to become corruption perpetrators. Trust me; this is how corruption started in Nigeria. From little examination malpractice, to big time corruption.

      Causes of examination malpractice in Nigeria

      Having taken a clear look at the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria, its forms, causes and effects, I will now proffer my tentative solution to the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria.